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Artwork Commercial Commission

What kind of art style do you do with commissions? 

Most of time I do fantasy style (somthing like World of Warcraft TCG, Legend of the Cryptids and HEX TCG), you can find some examples in gallery . Usually I do not accept cartoon style, Japanese and Korean style. For other styles please send an e-mail to me to get information.

What kind of commissions do you do? 

Ordinarily I do Illustration, sometimes do Concept Design as well. If you have any other great ideas please feel free to contact me.

* However, since I am working at Riot Games, I may not accpet all types of game art commission, please feel free to reach out to me for checking.

* Opening for any book cover freelace commission.

Do you do any free artwork requests?


What kind of rate do you charge for each commission?

There's no fixed answer. Generally it depends on different content, style, and time. I'm willing to hear your price if you have a budget.

Do you open for commission?

Yes, I do.

Do you accept pre-test for commissiom?

Usually I do not accept any kind of ways to do a pre-test. I think you should have enough ability to judge whether I'm qualified for it or not.

How can I contact you that if I want to ask commissions?

Please send a formal commission information to my Gmail, the more detail describes, the better. I will reply to you soon. Please do not contact me to ask any questions about commission by the other personal ways, just like Facebook, Twitter, Vk and Skype.

How many details should I give to you if you want to ask a commission request?

          ● Commission project description

          ● Numbers of your commission artwork pieces

          ● Timeline schedule of commission and deadline (if you have)

          ● Samples of commission (Show me which kind of artwork do you like)

Why I haven’t received your reply?

Please remember, sometimes I have a busy schedule and have no time to reply each mail immediatly, but I will get back to you soon when I get free.

Which way does the rate of commission should be payed?

Paypal is an easy way for internaltional commssions. If you living in China, you can pay rate via Chinese Bank.

Is a contract needed?

Yes, it’s necessary. All commissions are based on a contract with both sides signed (a PFD contract version with digital signature is fine too).

Web Use of Art 

Yanmo authorize you that you can share his work in your station with one of the following contents:

          ● Artwork by Artist: Yanmo Zhang -

          ● Artwork by Artist: Yanmo Zhang -

Licensing Policy 

If you would like to license some of Yanmo's artworks to use in personal way, please email for details. Any Institution or person to use Yanmo's artworks in commercial purposes without authorization is not allowed.


Who is Yanmo Zhang?

Yanmo Zhang is an illustrator & concept artist. He has spent almost 20 years in the ocean of art, and now he is working at Riot Games. For more information please exploring in Bio.

Do you open for interview?

Yes, I do. Please contact me via Gmail.

What is is an official personal site of Yanmo Zhang. You can find Yanmo's latest news, explore art galleries, purchase prints and get information about artwork commercial commission here.

Where can I get more information about you?

Not only you can find my artworks here, but also you can follow me on DeviantARTINPRNT, TwitterFacebookVK and Linkedin.

Where can I see which projects or commissions you have done so far?

You can check them in my gallery . Beneath each commission work there is copyright content. For book covers which have already published you can find their information in store.

Yanmo at your business.

Yanmo is very pleasure to be invited to take participate in any event in your country, like interview, exhibition or comic-con. For rates and details please email.

What projects are you working on?

League of Legends.

Can I link to your site?

Absolutely. Please point your link to the following adress: 

          ● Artist: Yanmo Zhang -

What are your plans for the future?

Creating more works, exploring new areas and keep enjoying life!