I used to only love to design characters and creatures in fantasy style. 

But after years of experience in work, now I'm totally open to try different thematics and styles that I never drew before.. 

The goals of art is alwasys to keep typing new things.






It’s an easy way to get in touch with me, I’m happy to hear from you if you are

interested in my work for wathever reason, don’t be hesitate!

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please send to the following email: artofyanmo@gmail.com.

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My illustration style was inflenced by fine art a lot in early years becuase I learnt Oil Painting in my colleage. I espciallly enjoy to paint the dynamic beautiy of light and shadow.

I got inspired a lot from many art masters. My favorite artists are Wei Wang, Gerald Brom, Glenn Rane, and Paul Kwon.

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Associate Art Director at Riot Games

Yanmo is a professional artist who focuses on game art for over a decade. He is a passional gamer, reader, traveller, and tech geek. 

Lived in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Beijing, and now HongKong.

Speak in Chinese & English.

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I love to draw fan art for my faviroute games and movies. 

Back to the ealy years, I created tons of WOW fan art. It helped me to get into the digital art world, more importantly, it led me into the gaming art industry.

GRAPHIC DESIGN                                                                               

User interface and logo designs for games and social medias. 

One of my weird habits is to localize logos. It feels so magical to bring the beauty of visual and art cross different languages and cultures.





By pencil, by paper! This is the fastest way for me to record my creative ideas. 

I used to paint on paper and scanned them into computer. Nowdays, I'm also trying to create those traditional style art with degital devices.