Yanmo Zhang, a core gamer, illustrator & concept artist who was born in 1990 a​nd started painting since 1999. He grew up in a small town of China, a beautiful corner of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. In most time of childhood he was painting with chalks everywhere. At that time, he also loved seal cutting and writing, but unfortunately both of them just ain't as far along his career path in future.

Yanmo graduated from Affiliated High School of The China Academy of Art in 2008 and then studied at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in Oil Painting for three years. In 2011, Yanmo decided to drop out of his university and went to Beijing to follow his dream, studied Concept Design in Beijing Huatian School. Since then, he began to focus on the CG art area.

At age of twenty-one, Yanmo began working as an game artist in Beijing. Three years later he moved back to Suzhou to be a freelance artist. During his freelance time Yanmo did lots pieces of artwork around Blizzard Entertainment games. The most impressed thing he did is the Impression Artwork of Warcraft Movie Trailer, it even retweeted by Duncan Jones, director of WarcraftIn addition, he worked for many different game companies and publishing presses, such as Cryptozoic Entertainment, ​​​The Zharmae Publishing Press(TZZP), NetEase, InKarnate Entertainment, FireScale Studios and so on. 

Now, Yanmo is working as an Art Lead at Riot Games Hong Kong StudioLeading artists to create the most iconic visual art for League of Leagues personalization content.  For more information, please visit Yanmo's LinkedIin.

After painting, he also likes reading, drinking, playing games, traveling, watching films, making new friends, and collecting odd treasures.

Involved in the Publication of Books     

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World Of Warcraft Tribute: the other side of the mists (China) ···················································· December 2012

Play Magazine ······························································································································· January,2013

World Of Warcraft Tribute (Udon) ··································································································· October 2013

Breakshield (Cover art) - 2nd place of Ultimate Fantasy Books:Best Book Cover 2014 ·················· March 2014 

Illustrator Circle: Feast Ⅱ (China) ········································································································ June 2014

Half Off (Cover art) ······························································································································ April 2015

Clear Gold (Cover art) ························································································································· April 2015

The Magic Man (Cover art) ·················································································································· May 2015

Seiokana (Cover art) ····························································································································· July2015

Contemporary Krampus ················································································································· October 2015

Social Activities

The second national CG Art Exhibition of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts ·································· December 2011

The fifth Chinese Animation Artists' Illustration Exhibition ······························································ October 2012

Blizzard Entertainment Battle.Net Global World Championship 2012 Fan Art Exhibition ············· November 2012

Gamescom 2014 Blizzard Entertainment World of Warcraft Art Exhibition ······································· August 2014

Invited by Blizzard Entertainment to participate in Blizzcon 2014 ················································ November 2014

Gold Finals 2014 Hearthstone Fan Art Exhibition ··········································································· January 2015

Invited by Blizzard Entertainment to participate in Diablo III China Launch Event ······························· April  2015

Heroes of the Storm China Launch Event Fan Art Exhibition ······························································ June 2015

The Con Before The Storm(CBTS)2015: BlizzCon Fan Art Exhibition ······································· November  2015

Warcraft Movie Exhibition at Beijing International Exhibition Center ···················································· May  2016

League of Legends Open Day in Shanghai ························································································· July  2017

Interviews and Articles

Article on Illustrator Circle NO.19 ······························································································· November 2011
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Blizzard Entertainment Official Site: Weaver of Shadow and Light, art of Yanmo Zhang ····················· June 2014

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