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  • Yanmo at League of Legends Open Day in Shanghai


    July 28th, I attended LOL Open Day along with Greg Street in Shanghai during ChinaJoy 2017, shared the stories behind Chroma's evolution with players, had a great gathering with LOL fans!

  • Artwork Update and New Page: Art for League of Legends


    ​It has been a long time that I haven't updated my site. Since joined Riot everyday I was working hard on League of Legends, so I created a page to show my work for it. Please keep an eye on it for future update.

  • Yanmo's Artworks at Beijing International Exhibition Center


    ​some of my artworks around Warcraft theme will be showed on Warcraft Exhibition at Beijing International Exhibition Center. Beijing, May 21 - May 22, 2016.

  • Open CourseWare on Lanqb


    My first open courseware on Lanqb showed on April.4, 2016. Its theme arounds How to effectively improve the ability of aesthetic appreciation and painting. Over 1,300 people enrolled. Now its video has been already released on Lanqb. Go there and check it, it totally free.

  • Get Yanmo's prints at BlizzCon Fan Art Exhibition


    Get five prints of my artworks in the biggest BlizzCon party ft - The Con Before The Storm(CBTS)2015. World of Podcasts celebrating Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm & Overwatch!

  • Yanmo's Artworks in Heroes of the Storm Launch Event


    Some pieces of my artworks will be exhibited at Heroes of the Storm Launch Event in June 1 Shanghai, China. Don't miss it!

  • Prints Available on INPRNT


    If you would like to hang them on your wall or send one print to your friend as a gift, this is it!

  • Behind the 2014


    A busy year, a year of plenty. Had a trip to USA. Who impresses me in this year? Wayne Reynolds, L.D.Austin, Glenn Rane and Samwise Didier. I got lots knowledge from their works. I tried to let stories join my works, give them life, and I think in the end of this year I did it more or less.

  • Behind the 2013


    I tried new styles and new ways to painting, to explore the beautiful world of painting. Though I will very miss the old days, but in the same time I’m very looking forward to next year. This year, not only got to know more friends, but also experienced more things.

Memory Paintings of Warcraft Movie Trailer
Source:     Author: Yanmo Zhang    Publish time: 2014-12-09 14:27    8207 Views
Hello all fans!

I know some of you didn't get the chance to go Blizzcon 2014 to watch Warcraft Movie Trailer. But I've watched it for over three times at Blizzcon and luckily I remember almost all the senses and just drew them out here. So let's have a little sneak peek at it!


1st scene, in bird's eye view of stromwind, epic, fantastic and amazing. 

Sunset is shining above the city, indicates that the war is coming.

An armory in Stormwind. Shining shields on walls and weapons by racks.

Scene into the Throne Hall of King, so holy! King Llane is sitting on throne, Lothar and Medivh (I guess) standing in front of throne.

Close up of King Llane is thinking, maybe he's hearing Lothar reporting the war.

In Blasted Lands (or outland?), a green lightning pierces the sky.

Horde now! The army behind him slowly forward.

Orcs are moving forward.

An orc is watching Dark Portal.
Aside saying - Our hope is destroyed, there is nothing to go back too.

King Llane uses his finger to touch the blood.
What kind of monsters from another world?

I guess he's Gul'dan, crazy powerful purple magic arounds him.

Dalaran comes, magic and fabulous. The whole city is slowly sliding into clouds.

Three elves are moving and watching forward, one of them turns his head over.
Aside saying - Is the war... the only answer?

Troops of Stormwind are charging forward. The place looks like Elwynn forest.

A griffin lifts its claws and dives down into battleground from sky.

Last scene. Durotan is watching his wife, their camp was burned down, his eyes showing sadness. His wife is trying to comfort him, he also used to comfort eyes looking back to her. Expression and details are so real, fine and smooth. 

That's too cool. can't waiting 2016.Thanks for watching my works!